Supply & Demand Exemplified!

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WOW!  What a year we’ve all just made our way through.  Considerably much more challenging than any of us could have predicted, 2020 actually saw one of the most eventful and powerful developments in the pink diamond market ever – the closing of Australia’s Argyle mine.

The mine credited with producing more than 90% of the global supply of pink diamonds finalized the long-anticipated announcement and shutdown operations.  If ever there was a more perfect example of supply and demand, I cannot tell you.

There has been significant attention regarding the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine last year, all of which has helped to build the profile of pink diamonds as an asset class.

Companies just like Coral Bay have played a small part in spreading the word after the announcement was made in every major news and financial news installation around the globe.  This really was some of the biggest diamond news in probably more than 5 decades.

Items that are important for potential and existing collectors & investors to be aware of, include;

  • Just how much more valuable pink diamonds are relative to white diamonds, with pinks at a minimum 15 times more valuable than a white diamond, assuming the same carat size
  • How demand for Argyle pink diamonds has picked up noticeably this year
  • Why the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine will ‘reset prices for pink diamonds’, with the value of the stones set to increase notably

Coral Bay has tried to curate a collection of pink diamonds in a price range accessible to a wider audience.  We want to better spread awareness about this incredibly rare Australian stone and enable as many people as possible to experience it.  Now is the last opportunity to become one of the few people in the world to own a pink diamond.  Speak to your consultant today.

There is no doubt that when it comes to investing in pink diamonds, the word is spreading. This can only bode well for prices in the years to come.

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